Download US Population Data - 1969-2011

Note: The 1969-2012 US Populations are now available. The 1969-2011 data files will continue to be available through for download May 15, 2014.

Files containing US population data are provided for analysis using your own statistical software or using SEER*Stat (you must use the SEER*Prep software to create a database for use in SEER*Stat).


  • The U.S. Census Bureau annually releases unbridged population estimates for five-year age groups and race at the county levelExternal Web Site Policy. The Census Bureau does not release bridged race estimates by single year of age at the county level due to concerns about the reliability of these estimates. However, these estimates are provided to the National Cancer Institute to meet programmatic needs such as the creation of age groupings that differ from the standard groupings used by the Census Bureau. Users of the single-year-of-age county-level bridged race population estimates should carefully consider the limited reliability of these estimates.
  • All of the populations change annually going back to the last decennial census (see Population Estimates Used in NCI's SEER*Stat Software).

Available Files

Populations are available for the following time periods and "races":

  • 1969-2011 County-level: White, Black, Other;
  • 1990-2011 County-level: Expanded Races (White, Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian/Pacific Islander) by Origin (Hispanic, Non-Hispanic);
  • 1981-2011 State-level: Expanded Races (White, Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian/Pacific Islander). See State-Level Race and Hispanic Origin Population Estimates for the methodology.
  • 1981-2011 State-level: White and Non-White by Hispanic Origin

County- and state-level population files with 19 age groups (<1, 1-4, ..., 80-84, 85+) and with 86 single-year age groups (<1, 1, 2, ..., 84, 85+) are provided below.

For the All States Combined and four states (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas), two sets of population estimates are available for 2005: the standard set based on July 1 populations and a set that has been adjusted for the population shifts due to hurricanes Katrina (August 29) and Rita (September 24). For more information, see Adjusted Populations for the Counties/Parishes Affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Data Files for Download

The data are stored in text files and provided here as Windows self-extracting ZIP files (executables) and gzip files. File format information is provided in the Population Data Dictionary. The files are grouped by the following categories:

County-Level Population Files - 19 Age Groups
State 1969-2011 White, Black, Other 1990-2011
4 Expanded Races by Origin
All States Combined
us.1969_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz us.1990_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz
All States Combined us.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz us.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Alabama (adjusted) al.1969_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz al.1990_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Alabama al.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz al.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Louisiana (adjusted) la.1969_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz la.1990_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Louisiana la.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz la.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Mississippi (adjusted) ms.1969_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz ms.1990_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Mississippi ms.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ms.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Texas (adjusted) tx.1969_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz tx.1990_2011.19ages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Texas tx.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz tx.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Alaska ak.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ak.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Arkansas ar.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ar.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Arizona az.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz az.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
California ca.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ca.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Colorado co.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz co.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Connecticut ct.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ct.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
District of Columbia dc.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz dc.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Delaware de.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz de.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Florida fl.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz fl.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Georgia ga.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ga.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Hawaii hi.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz hi.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Iowa ia.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ia.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Idaho id.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz id.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Illinois il.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz il.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Indiana in.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz in.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Kansas ks.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ks.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Kentucky ky.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ky.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Massachusetts ma.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ma.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Maryland md.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz md.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Maine me.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz me.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Michigan mi.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz mi.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Minnesota mn.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz mn.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Missouri mo.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz mo.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Montana mt.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz mt.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
North Carolina nc.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz nc.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
North Dakota nd.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz nd.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Nebraska ne.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ne.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
New Hampshire nh.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz nh.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
New Jersey nj.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz nj.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
New Mexico nm.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz nm.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Nevada nv.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz nv.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
New York ny.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ny.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Ohio oh.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz oh.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Oklahoma ok.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ok.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Oregon or.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz or.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Pennsylvania pa.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz pa.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Rhode Island ri.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ri.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
South Carolina sc.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz sc.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
South Dakota sd.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz sd.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Tennessee tn.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz tn.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Utah ut.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz ut.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Virginia va.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz va.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Vermont vt.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz vt.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Washington wa.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz wa.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Wisconsin wi.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz wi.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
West Virginia wv.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz wv.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz
Wyoming wy.1969_2011.19ages.exe, .gz wy.1990_2011.19ages.exe, .gz

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County-Level Population Files - Single-year Age Groups
State 1969-2011
White, Black, Other
4 Expanded Races by Origin
All States Combined
us.1969_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz us.1990_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz
All States Combined us.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz us.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Alabama (adjusted) al.1969_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz al.1990_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Alabama al.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz al.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Louisiana (adjusted) la.1969_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz la.1990_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Louisiana la.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz la.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Mississippi (adjusted) ms.1969_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz ms.1990_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Mississippi ms.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ms.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Texas (adjusted) tx.1969_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz tx.1990_2011.singleages.adjusted.exe, .gz
Texas tx.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz tx.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Alaska ak.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ak.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Arkansas ar.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ar.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Arizona az.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz az.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
California ca.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ca.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Colorado co.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz co.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Connecticut ct.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ct.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
District of Columbia dc.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz dc.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Delaware de.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz de.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Florida fl.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz fl.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Georgia ga.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ga.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Hawaii hi.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz hi.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Iowa ia.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ia.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Idaho id.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz id.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Illinois il.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz il.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Indiana in.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz in.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Kansas ks.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ks.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Kentucky ky.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ky.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Massachusetts ma.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ma.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Maryland md.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz md.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Maine me.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz me.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Michigan mi.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz mi.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Minnesota mn.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz mn.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Missouri mo.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz mo.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Montana mt.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz mt.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
North Carolina nc.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz nc.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
North Dakota nd.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz nd.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Nebraska ne.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ne.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
New Hampshire nh.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz nh.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
New Jersey nj.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz nj.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
New Mexico nm.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz nm.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Nevada nv.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz nv.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
New York ny.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ny.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Ohio oh.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz oh.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Oklahoma ok.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ok.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Oregon or.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz or.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Pennsylvania pa.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz pa.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Rhode Island ri.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ri.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
South Carolina sc.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz sc.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
South Dakota sd.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz sd.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Tennessee tn.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz tn.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Utah ut.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz ut.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Virginia va.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz va.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Vermont vt.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz vt.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Washington wa.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz wa.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Wisconsin wi.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz wi.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
West Virginia wv.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz wv.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz
Wyoming wy.1969_2011.singleages.exe, .gz wy.1990_2011.singleages.exe, .gz

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State-Level Population Files
All States
4 Expanded Races
19 Age Groups
4 Expanded Races
Single Ages
Adjusted us.state.1981_2011.19ages.race.adjusted.exe, .gz us.state.1981_2011.singleages.race.adjusted.exe, .gz
Unadjusted us.state.1981_2011.19ages.race.exe, .gz us.state.1981_2011.singleages.race.exe, .gz
All States
White and Non-White by Hispanic Origin
19 Age Groups
White and Non-White by Hispanic Origin
Single Ages
Adjusted us.state.1981_2011.19ages.whnonwh.origin.adjusted.exe, .gz us.state.1981_2011.singleages.whnonwh.origin.adjusted.exe, .gz
Unadjusted us.state.1981_2011.19ages.whnonwh.origin.exe, .gz us.state.1981_2011.singleages.whnonwh.origin.exe, .gz

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