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Welcome to the SEER Inquiry System (SINQ). SINQ is a collection of questions that cancer registrars have had while coding cancer cases. Click Search to look for specific questions or to select questions for a Report.

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20140009 Primary site: What primary site do I assign to a Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the parapharyngeal space when there is no other info available regarding a more definitive site within the parapharyngeal space? Each physician involved with the case states the primary site is the parapharyngeal space. This is a patient who was diagosed and treated elswhere and was seen at our hospital several months later for a radical neck dissection for suspected lymph node mets. Final Jan 22 2014
20140008 Primary site: If text supports a pancreatobiliary primary with no other information what primary site code would be assigned? C249 biliary tract NOS, or C269 GI tract nos, or C809 unknown? Final Jan 22 2014
20140007 Surgery of Primary Site--Lung: How is surgery coded when a patient undergoes a mediastinoscopy with mediastinal lymph node sampling and then a later upper lobectomy? See discussion. Final Jan 15 2014
20140006 Date Therapy Initiated--Corpus Uteri: How should this field be coded for an endometrial primary when the patient undergoes a hysteroscopic polypectomy on 01/08/2014 (Surgery code 25), followed by a TAH/BSO on 02/07/2014 (Surgery code 50)? See discussion. Final Jan 15 2014
20140005 Primary site--Testis: In the absence of a specific statement that the patient's testicle(s) are descended, should the primary site for a testicular tumor be coded as C621 (Descended Testis) when the mass is palpable on physical exam or demonstrated on scrotal ultrasound? See discussion. Final Jan 15 2014
20140004 Grade--Liver: How should grade be coded for a liver lesion treated with radio frequency ablation (RFA) followed by a transplant showing moderately differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma? See discussion. Final Jan 15 2014
20140003 Surgery of Primary Site/Surgical Procedure of Other Sites--Endometrium: How are these fields coded for an endometrial primary when the patient undergoes a radical tumor cytoreduction including modified radical hysterectomy, BSO, omentectomy, resection of intra-abdominal and intrapelvic implants, and partial cystectomy? See discussion. Final Jan 15 2014
20140002 Reportability--Appendix: Is a pathologic final diagnosis of an appendix with "well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumor (carcinoid)" reportable? See discussion. Final Jan 15 2014
20140001 Grade--Brain and CNS: How should grade be coded for a pineal parenchymal tumor of “intermediate differentiation”? See discussion. Final Jan 10 2014
20130222 MP/H Rules/Histology--Bladder: How is the histology coded for a single bladder tumor showing invasive urothelial carcinoma with extensive divergent differentiation including small cell carcinoma, micropapillary carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma features? See Discussion. Final Jun 25 2014
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