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Reportability--Lung: One of our facilities has a case they are not really sure how to report.

This patient came in for a double lung transplant due to COPD which occurred on 1/27/14. At time of transplant, the team found out the donor hospital had identified a small nodule in the right lower lobe donor lung, which they biopsied and deemed negative. However, the slides were reviewed and felt to represent adenocarcinoma. The team performed a right lower lobe lobectomy of the donor lung before transplanting into the patient.

So, we are not really sure how to handle this case. The adenocarcinoma actually belongs to the donor patient from another hospital, however, they actually didn’t identify it at that facility as their pathology was negative for a malignancy.

Final Jul 25 2014

MP/H Rules/Histology--Kidney, renal pelvis: How would you code this histology: Renal cell carcinoma, clear and eosinophilic cell type?

Final Jul 25 2014

Surgery of Primary Site--Corpus uteri: What is the correct surgery code to assign for dilation and curettage (D&C) for an in-situ endometrium (C541) primary? The code to use for the cervix uteri (C530-C539) is specified, but not for the corpus uteri (C540-C549).

Final Jul 25 2014

MP/H/Histology--Kidney, renal pelvis: What is the histology code for renal cell carcinoma translocation type?

Final Jul 25 2014

First course treatment: When a patient has a Haplo bone marrow transplant, is this coded as an allogenic bone marrow transplant since part of his marrow was used in addition to a donor?

Final Jul 25 2014

Summary Stage 2000--Melanoma: How should Summary Stage 2000 be coded for 2014+ diagnosed melanoma cases with satellite nodules or in transit metastases? See discussion.

Final Jul 24 2014

Reportability--Testis: Is a mature teratoma of the testis reportable? See discussion.

Final Jul 24 2014

MP/H Rules--Histology: How is histology coded when a metastatic site is biopsy positive for adenocarcinoma, but the physician clinically states this is cholangiocarcinoma? See discussion.

Final Jul 21 2014

MP/H Rules/Multiple Primaries--Lung: Does lung MP/H Rule M6 apply to synchronous tumors only, metachronous tumors only, or both? See discussion.

Final Jul 21 2014

Primary Site/In Situ: How is primary site coded for an in situ carcinoma arising in a mucinous cystadenoma with ovarian stroma (focal) located in the right lobe of the liver? See discussion.

Final Jul 21 2014
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