SEER Abstracting Tool (SEER*Abs)
Version 2.5.5 released July 2, 2014

The SEER Abstracting Tool (SEER*Abs) allows cancer tumor registrars to collect and store data abstracted from patients' medical records. SEER*Abs features include:

  • Ability to create abstract or casefinding records and to define new user-defined record types.
  • Management of abstracting assignments via the SEER*Abs worklist.
  • Direct or indirect synchronization of data with the registry's main data management system.
  • Access to reference data loaded from the central registry's main database.
  • Full integration of edits to validate data. SEER Edits are packaged with the system; custom edits can be defined.
  • All components can be customized by registry staff.

Software Download

Version 2.5.5 is the current distribution version of SEER*Abs. It is released with Collaborative Stage 02.05.50 and the SEER edits SE14-011-04.

Download SEER*Abs

Before installing this software, please refer to the Installation & System Requirements.

To review the changes included in this release, refer to the Software Version History and the Default Configuration Version History.

Technical Support

Please submit all technical support questions and issues through the SEER*Abs Squish ProjectExternal Web Site Policy. If you do not already have a Squish account, you will need to request one in order to submit an issue. Use the "Sign up here" link on the login page to request a new account. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available.

Reference Manuals

These reference manuals are included in the SEER*Abs main folder and can be opened via the help menu in SEER*Abs:

  • Installation Manual [PDF] [Word]- Instructions to install or update the software.
  • System Administration Reference [PDF] [Word]- Instructions to configure and maintain the application.
  • Users Manual [PDF] [Word] - Instructions for Abstractors using the software.